We believe that learning to diving is not just an adventure; it's a life-changing adventure. Here at Scuba Ace, we treasure our divers as our lifelong friends and treat you with our sincerity. We are always grateful for our friends who have supported us along the way, which without we couldn't have come this far. Safety and fun are our top priorities. At Tioman Island, we conduct our scuba diving and freediving courses in small groups because we want to provide highest possible training and service standards to you.


To offer underwater Adventures that are Challenging yet Exhilarating.


To help divers to be Aware, Confident, and Enthusiastic.



Joseph Kuah

Joseph fell in love with scuba diving ever since his open water diver course and enjoyed his way up to a scuba instructor. He has been actively teaching diving courses since 2012. Till date, he has taught hundreds of diver students, if you ask him "Don't you get bored teaching the same thing over and over again? Do you still enjoy diving?"

He'd answer, "Bored? Of course not 🙂 Every course is a different experience and each student is unique. You always have to think of new ways to solve their problems and help them learn! And yes, I still love diving and love to share this awesome experience through teaching people to dive!"

Joseph's Profile:
SSI Dive Control Specialist Inst'
SSI React Right Inst'
PADI IDC Staff Inst'
PADI Elite Instructor Award
- 2013 & 2014 & 2015
PhD in Mechanical Engineering


Yiling Chong

Don't judge a book by its cover. Yiling has been a diving instructor since 2013. She might seem petite, but she's well-known for her toughness and strength. Witnessing her capability, many of her students refer her as the Iron Lady. In addition, she is famous with her laughter because she laughs a lot, and aloud. Perhaps the only time you will not hear her laughing is when she's diving underwater 😛

Yiling also conducts freediving course too. Kindly contact her for more information 😉

Yiling's Profile:
SSI Freediving Inst'
SSI Divemaster Inst'
SSI React Right Inst'
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Ex Malaysia National Water Polo
Bachelor Degree in Business Admin